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Marketplace & Full-service

Impact Marketplace

Impact Marketplace is the largest programmatic Rich Media network with only premium inventory and simplifies the buying and selling of programmatic Rich Media with maximum reach for branding objectives. The best-known websites with the most popular Rich Media formats in one clear network. This way you can manage campaigns yourself from all DSPs with one Deal ID for 600+ sites or opt for full-service. Hosting costs are included.

Frequently asked questions and answers about Impact Marketplace can be found here.

What Impact has to offer

Weborama Impact Marketplace - Impressions

850,000,000 monthly impressions

Weborama Impact Marketplace - Uniques
Unique Visitors

5,000,000 unique visitors every day

Weborama Impact Marketplace - Publishers

15+ affiliated premium publishers and 600+ premium websites

Weborama Impact Marketplace - Devices
Cross Device

You can achieve a broad reach on all devices from one creative

Weborama Impact Marketplace - Gemak

The most important websites and popular Rich Media formats in one network

Weborama Impact Marketplace - Costs
No Extra Costs

The purchase includes ad serving, so there are no additional Rich Media hosting costs

Premium publishers only

Marktplaats Weeronline Business Insider Massarius Webads DAZN Refinery89 Infoplaza TNW Ad7 NDC Mediagroep GeenStijl Nieuwnieuws Azerion

Impact full-service

Weborama also offers Impact as a full-service proposition. If you don't have the programmatic purchasing tools or just lacking time? Team Impact can take this load off your shoulders. Agreed budget, timings, KPIs, strategy, and formats are fully managed and executed at fixed fees. After a briefing, you will receive a campaign proposal from us within 24 hours.

You can easily request proposals here.

Weborama Impact Full Service - Budget
Every Budget

There is a suitable proposal for every budget

Weborama Impact Full Service - Packages

Including media purchasing, ad serving, creation, and campaign management

Weborama Impact Full Service - Premium

Premium content only

Weborama Impact Full Service

Full service stands for convenience, clarity, and efficiency with maximum results

Weborama Impact Full Service - Transparant

Fixed and transparent fees

Weborama Impact Full Service

Clear and fixed agreements

Get inspired and informed about the possibilities of Impact Marketplace and Impact full-service.