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Rich Media technology

The specialist in the field of display and Rich Media for 10 years

What are Rich Media banners?

Rich Media is a common form of advertising that is distinguished by the use of impactful formats and advanced features such as video, animation, and interactive options. Compared to regular banners, rich media banners use advanced technology, which offers the possibility to be more richly filled.

Some well-known formats are the APTO, Mobile Portrait, Superheader, CrossDevice Radical, Interscroller, Video Billboard, and Swipecube. Read more about different Rich Media formats here and view some examples!

Rich Media technology

Weborama has been developing innovative Rich Media technology for the web and in-app for years. Our Rich Media technology is proprietary software that makes it possible to produce all different interactive formats properly, to place them on websites and in apps, and to make them measurable everywhere.

We are happy to help you with templates, formats, support, and ad serving with our own developed Rich Media technology,

Adverteerders en mediabureaus

For those who are looking for maximum reach and performance with interactive high impact formats.


For those who are looking for the best service for their most important ad formats.

Creatieve bureaus

For people looking for maximum creative freedom but with support from an experienced team and the best HTML5 Rich Media templates and resources.


Our HTML5 templates form the basis for each Rich Media campaign production. They can be used by every developer and include technical support from our experienced team. We have a wide selection of Rich Media templates that are always available upon request.


Screen alignment and positioning


Expanding and collapsing banners


Track user interactions


Synchronize multiple adverts to run simultaneously


Adjust to an in-app environment


Adjust video display to accommodate different platforms

Do you have any questions about our Rich Media offer, or require an up-to-date template or support?