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The IMPACT update

Posted on September 27, 2019

It's been a while since you've received news about IMPACT (the Rich Media Marketplace) since the launch in September 2018. Hereby an update with the recent added publishers, inventory overview, Ad-consult and partnership Adhese.

Premium publishers

We started IMPACT in September 2018 with 6 premium publishers: Sanoma, Mannenmedia, WPK, Zoover, AdSeven and Massarius. In the past months we've been able to expand our inventory to around 400 websites by adding 6 more premium publishers to our inventory. We keep growing and will inform you soon about another premium publishers who's currently being added to the inventory.

The 6 new publishers where you can buy Rich Media via IMPACT are: Refinery89, Reshift, The Next Web, WebAds, Perform Group (DAZN), and STER.

Premium websites

Use this link to see our current inventory overview.


Rich Media in the programmatic eco-system is more complex than direct publisher purchases. The most important characteristic of programmatic buying and selling is that you buy based on an audience and not a URL. This usually would mean developing a different creative for different websites when using special formats. Therefore Weborama developed a programmatic proof format, called the Automated Page Take Over (APTO). This automatically adjusts to all websites meaning that only one creative needs to be developed, showing that uniformity is the main characteristic of IMPACT. Another important characteristic of IMPACT is the fact that you only need one line item to serve your ad on the whole network.

Available formats via IMPACT: APTO (Full Width Header and Billboard & Skins), Billboard, Super Header, Midscroller, Interscroller, Mobile Portrait, OutStream, Mobile Swipecube, Mobile Halfpage and Frame Scroller.


Besides providing the standard design templates we also introduced Ad-Consult to provide differentiating designs that are accessible and affordable when needed. It's a service of Weborama where we mediate between certified designers and brands/agencies. As usual, our support department is always ready to provide (technical) help where needed.

Partnership Adhese

IMPACT launched last year with the support of Improve Digital. Almost a year later we generated a lot of insights and moved to a new type of platform: the Adhese Gateway. This way the buyer can purchase directly via IMPACT which optimizes the supply path and makes the programmatic chain shorter and more transparent. Hereby other buyers such as SSPs can also take part in the auction. Using this will help you to save some costs, get a much quicker loading time, whilst you're still in control.

Besides the fact that IMPACT will be using the Adhese technology completely, we can also sell Gateway in the Netherlands.

Please email us if you have any questions or want more information: