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Rich Media: smart features

Posted on November 08, 2018

Rich Media: smart features highlighted

When talking about Rich Media, people tend to talk about high impact advertising formats like interactive homepage takeovers, expandable banners and video. Most people are familiar with the templates provided for these formats but within these formats a lot of nice features that can be applied. The Weborama support team already has a lot of solutions covered for frequently asked questions like: Is it possible to use a storelocator? Can we use dynamic clicktags based on a client feed? Can we use multiple videos or 360video in our ads? Many of these questions have already been answered and these solutions are free to use for everybody that is building ads on the platform. We like to highlight three of them.

The large XML feed

We are often asked if we can handle large xml feeds in the banners we serve. The answer is yes! When using large feeds it is not wise to do this straight from a direct servercall in the banner. This heavily slows down loading of the ad and client webservers are not build for so much traffic. That’s why we built tooling that syncs the client feeds locally and only loads and uses that part of the feed that is needed to display the ad correctly.

Many advertisers use xml feeds to dynamically feed banners with pricing, text, images and clicktags. Dynamic retargeting is the most familiar example, but it is also used within specific targeted websites. Here are two examples of travel providers dynamically loading content in their banners based on the accommodation page their ad is shown. The advertisers just update their feed regularly with the latest offering, images and clicktags and the campaign can run ongoing before holiday season.

Google Maps API

Last june Google updated their free Google Maps API service where pricing went up especially when a client makes a lot of adcalls to the API. A lot of advertisers were struggling with their setup so the support team came up with a updated version of our solution for using maps. We offer a key to be used in projects which is most of the time used in our storelocators feature inside creatives. Its is also possible to use this key to make dynamic content based on location data after you get permission by the user. Here you find an example for Holland Casino with storelocator.

Click to lightbox

Rich Media is all about high impact at large scale and reach combined with interactive features to trigger engagement. We often are asked if it is allowed to expand a layer or light box by clicking on a button or product. The answer is yes! It is allowed to click to a website so it is certainly allowed to click to a layer or lightbox as well. This layer typically can be used as extra space to display the product or highlight some extra features of the product. User time spend while interacting with this format can be measured of course and is great for brand exposure. Here are two examples of a click to layer (samsung) and click to lightbox (Finley).

Are you looking for one of the above features or something totally different that we haven’t mentioned? Please contact sales@weborama.nl